LIC Premium Calculator
Bima Shree (Table-848)

Following premiums are sample and calculated as per parameters given in first table. Please use above calculator to calculate premiums and benefits as per your AGE, TERM and SUM ASSURED (SA).

LIC Bima Shree (848) Calculation
Sum Assured1500000Age25
Premium Paying Term16Policy Term20
ADB RiderNoAD & DB RiderYes
First Year Premium
ModePremiumGST ( @4.5 % )Total Premium
Half Yearly53654241456068
Second Year Onward Premium
ModePremiumGST ( @2.25 % )Total Premium
Half Yearly53654120754861
Money Backs & Maturity Details
Total Premium Paid1740510
Minimum Risk Cover1875000
Maximum Risk Cover3157500 + Loyalty Addition(LA)
Accidental Benefit (Additional)1500000
Money Backs (Survival Benefits)
( 45 % of Sum Assured)
675000 each at the end of 16th and 18th Policy Years
(10 % of Sum Assured + Guaranteed Additions (GAs) + Loyalty Addition (LA)
1432500 + Loyalty Addition (LA)
Total2782500 + Loyalty Addition (LA)

The Rate of Guaranteed Addition (GAs) will be Rs. 50 per thousand of Sum Assured for first 5 Policy Years and Rs. 55 per thousand of Sum Assured from 6th policy years to year of last premium payment. Loyalty Addition (LA) will be on time amount to be paid in case of death or maturity applicable from 6th policy Year onwards.